Marlborough Road recorded 2021.

Clares' Rain - the lockdown sessions recorded 2020.


Marlborough Road

 Track list to follow...

 Recorded as live takes 2021, live acoustic takes, Broughton, Salford.

 Clares' Rain - the Lockdown sessions

 Track list to follow...

 Completed from Sheffield 2006 - I split with ex for a second time, & I took a two year music haitus. 'Fire Cuts Through Water' (written in Portsmouth), 'East Avenue' & 'Prelude' were the first three tracks considered for the EP.

 Recorded 2020, live acoustic takes, Broughton, Salford.

 Written, performed & produced by Mark Daynes.

 13 Seasons

 Released 2006, recorded 2005 / '06 using Acer laptop / Cool Edit Pro software.

 Written, performed & produced by Mark Daynes.

dreams like fire


  I wrote the 'Dress Rehearsal' riff sometime in 1999, Grimsby.

  Songs 2, 3 & 4 were written whilst studying at South Downs college.

  I dedicated this recording to Clare x

  Released / recorded 2003 (1 & 2 in the studio & 3 & 4 with CuBase / Reason via PC).

  Written, performed & produced by Mark Daynes.

rosary ep


 Someone at South Downs college said he thought this was over produced - & done in a studio! Not bad considering I recorded this with my second hand guitar (with 5 strings, no top E), harmonica & a drum machine I borrowed from Johnny Love (bass played via bottom E guitar string!)

 I didn't know how to use the digital 8-Track (Curl bought it), or drum machine at first so I learnt recording technique from scratch, & completed this recording in about a month. God bless the written manual!

 This demo, I feel, has a lot of edge.

 Released / recorded 2002 (via digital 8-track & drum machine).

 Written, performed & produced by Mark Daynes (in my old home - Flat 4, Queens Parade, Grimsby).

  - muchos thanks to John Love for your great help mastering it, adding a cello to track 5, & vocal reverb effects on track 1.



Man vs Machine  2004  

 Diamond Records, South Downs College.


1.Dress Rehearsal

2.Wake Up (+ dance remix): co-written


 Several copies of 'Rosary ep' sold, 2002 - Replay Records, Haven Mill. Grimsby.