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 I first watched this HBO classic a few years back on Channel 4, & I really couldn't believe the quality of the acting & the scripts. Everything about this said quality. Two of my favourite characters were Ryan O'Reilly & Alvarez - plus Eamonn Walker's character Kareem Said. I liked all of the performances though. Powerful & thought provoking, one of the few TV programmes I have actually enjoyed all of the way through to it's 6 season finale.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

 Very cool - check out  'The Shrimp Incident', season 2 - hysterical! This is one of those comedies you watch late at night, thinking you really shouldn't be as engrossed as you should be, with it being so 'on the edge'. Situation's we've all been in lol. To think most of this was ad-libbed is amazing. Truly original comedy - the man's a genius! If you like Seinfeld, you'll adore this.

Northern Exposure

 My all time favourite - six classic seasons. Unique in that every character has a story to tell - or many stories! This truly has a human touch that so many programmes lack these days. Sadly missed. John Corbett - you girls may remember him as Carrie's boyfriend from Sex In The City. I watch this & wish for a moment I was in Cicily - who knows what the future may hold ; -) If you've never seen this, you won't be disappointed - 10/10.

Gavin & Stacey

 BBC3 - another future classic, starring the guy from Catherine Tate's Swearing Nana sketch. Young love is often blind, & I suppose that's a cool thing in this crazy heartless world! BBC3 certainly knows how to produce original works these days.

Mike Strutter

 This crazy character is, I believe, on BBC Three - one of my favourite channels, now that I have Freeview.

 Paul Kaye is a very under-rated English comic, who easily stands up to, if not above, Gervais & Coogan. This show reminds me of being young & watching Beavis & Butthead slag off rubbish bands, & watching Strutter slag off Maximo Park etc. makes me giggle... hee hee.



 I like things a bit surreal & American style - this has a mixture of Soprano's, with a touch of classic British black comedy (Shallow Grave etc.).

Daniel Mays plays Carter Kranz, a man searching for the truth behind his mother's death.

My Name Is Earl

 Channel 4 have done it again- the quality always shines through with USA imports. Big name film stars opt to reach a bigger audience & Jason Lee is awesome as Earl, an original slacker!

 The scary thing is I own a shirt like Earl's & I've been doing the karma retribution for a while now- does it always work? Watch this space...

The Mighty Boosh

 Seems the BBC may have taken note;-)

 There are some great shows on BBC3 at the moment.

My favourite episode stars a coconut - Milky Joe.


for tour dates etc.

Nathan Barley


 The Office? This is the funniest thing I've seen - rock on channel 4...

 Take note BBC...


 After Teachers (well when it was good) and with Shameless & Phoenix Nights, it's never been so good! Need not leave my house again...



 Cool show from channel 4. Rashida Jones (daughter of Quincy) stars as Edie Miller, in a transatlantic romance. Check out site...

Kingdom Hospital


 I'm off to see the final episode later, & the 'making of ' - if you've never checked this series out, here's your chance- the original Danish one is even wierder! Jodelle Ferland is definitely a future star...

 The word is out - The Secret Life Of Us!!!

 How can Channel 4 put this on at 1.30 am (Wed. morning double bill!) Easily the best drama on TV at the moment, my sis Jody will agree... I guess its a stepping stone up from Heartbreak High.


 Laura from Dr. Katz. I used to watch this show on cable at the folks a couple of years back. If you haven't checked this out, it's worth a ganders.

 I'm not into cartoons as such, but this is like a sitcom - @ Comedy Central...


The Arc

 Here is my favourite film of all time - I watched this late one night back in 1991, on Channel 4 no less. An arc welder's spiritual journey - John Butz is chased from his job, due to his ignoring a strike, & finds himself leaving behind his girlfriend. He eventually finds himself in New Mexico, after meeting an assortment of people. From director / cinematographer Rob Tregenza, this is a beautifully made film, full of wonderful performances, & oddball characters. A must!